Jane Somerville

Jane Somerville

Jane Somerville was the very first DID I ever listened to and oh my, what an inspiration to start with...a paediatric cardiologist who started studying in the 50s...her opening comment 'it wasn't fun to be prudent, it's much more fun to be mafioso and naughty'

rule number 1 - never iron a shirt

on her father: he didn't rank in my life at all' 'it might have started the rather ribald attitude I have to men'

I didn't think about marriage, I just thought about my career so any man had to fall in with that

you qualified at the age of 21 but weren't made a consultant until you were 38, why do you think that was ... firstly I didn't have a y chromosome ... I didn't get on any shortlist

the paediatric cardiologists didn't accept me because I hadn't done paediatrics so I decided I was going to start my own speciality and then there'd only be me

[i was a] very mouthy ... upset a lot of people ... rebel with a cause...didn't you ever think about buttoning it...? yes I did think about it, but ones thoughts don't always get to one's mouth...

what was your life work balance like? disordered...rather hysterical and bad tempered ... and hungry

the children could say they suffered because I wasn't a very hands on mother fussing about everything and giving them everything they want.  I think these children who are over indulged in the end will suffer because actually life doesn't provide all that for you so I think mine are a little bit hardy...

I see my unicorns (her trainees), I used to say to them you've got to have an imagination ...  can't you just think and use your imagination ... we're dealing with new medicine

...I was going to be a widow so I decided I was going to be a merry widow

...the health service is not what it was...it's appalling, erratic care ... been ruined lost the matron, lost the senior sister ... the art of medicine has been lost

initiated by Margaret Thatcher who thought she could run it like a grocery store

I personally think doctors should decide on clinical priorities (not managers)

Music discovery: Noël Coward - hilarious

what inspired me? her confidence and certainty about her direction...there appeared none of the debilitating self doubt and guilt that paralyse so many women today

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