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I love Desert Island Discs.  On the train from London to Bristol I can squeeze in 3 if I include the drive home.  Driving from home to Solihull I can manage another 2 1/2, finishing the last one in the car park before heading into the office vortex.  Escaping to the supermarket with no kids and a podcast can have me laughing out loud or silently sobbing, oblivious to the inevitable odd glances. 

I can't remember when I discovered DID or who introduced me but I've been a huge groupie for the last few years and taken every opportunity to recruit folks into the fan club, not least so I can discuss the latest episode or recommend something from the archives (Stephen Pinker being my favourite).  My friends need only receive a name to know what I'm directing them to.

I've been introduced to music and libraries of books that I'd never have discovered but for my frequent intimate encounters with the great, the good, the crazy, the adventurous, the humble, the honest and the sometimes deathly dull notables of our time.

A treasure trove of stories, experience, advice, lessons, recommendations and one liners found only in the DID archives.  This site brings together the books that castaways choose as their single choice to accompany them to the desert island, along with the bible and the complete works of Shakespeare plus some words of wisdom from interviews across the years.

Just so you know, to fund this site, I use webgains on the hive links - this pays me a small commission if you buy a book through my page.  If you're interested in implementing webgains on your own site, please send me a message through the contacts page and I'd be happy to try and help


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